The equipment listed below is owned and maintained by the Winey Research Group, unless otherwise noted.  Access to equipment in the Winey Research Group requires pre-approval of Prof. Winey

Morphological Characterization of Polymers

  • Kofler Bench (controlled temperature gradient)
  • Leica Ultracut S Ultramicrotome for preparing thin specimens for TEM or smooth surfaces for SEM or AFM.
  • Leica FC-S attaches to the Ultracut S for low temperature sectioning.
  • Diamond knives.
  • Glass knife maker.

Mechanical and Rheological Characterization Equipment

  • Instron Model 5564 Table Mounted Materials Testing System (Rheology Center) – fixtures permit tensile, compression, peel and flexural testing using either a 2kN or a 10N load cell.
  • Rheometrics Solids Analyzer II – fixtures available for testing fibers, films, and melts.
  • TA Instruments RFS II (Rheology Center).
  • Bohlin Gemini (Rheology Center).
  • Haake CaBER (Rheology Center).

Thin Film Characterization of Polymer

  • Ion Beam Facility equipped with a NEC 5SDH 1.7MV Pelletron Accelerator for Forward Recoil Spectrometry and Rutherford Backscattering (Penn Regional Nanotechnology Facility)
  • Rudolph Research Auto-EL Ellipsometer (Prof. Composto’s laboratory)

Thermal Characterization Equipment

  • Mathis Instruments TC Probe for measuring thermal conductivity of solids and fluids.
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter – TA Instruments Q2000 (MSE Undergraduate Laboratory)
  • Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer – TA Instruments SDT 2960 (Dr. McGhie’s laboratory)

Polymer Processing Equipment

  • DACA Microcompounder for melt mixing ~5 g of material
  • DACA SpinLine for melt fiber spinning
  • Carver hot presses (2)
  • Buehler diamond saw
  • Bath sonicator
  • Electronic balances (2)
  • Glove box for handling nanotubes

Other Equipment

  • Karl Fischer Titrator
  • Size Exclusion Chromatograph - Polymer Laboratories PL-GPC 50 (Prof. Yang’s laboratory)
  • Infrared Spectrometer - Perkin Elmer System 2000 FT-IR (Dr. McGhie’s laboratory)


Equipment Location and Contact Person

Room Winey Group Equipment Contact Person
All Safety and Chemical Waste Philip Griffin
10 Instron (Rheology Center calendar) Robert Middleton
119 Environmental Chamber for MAXS  Philip Griffin
220B Hot presses  (link to calendar) Robert Middleton
220B Rheometer Robert Middleton
220B SpinLine Robert Middleton
225 Microtome (link to calendar) Robert Middleton
228 Diamond saw Ted Trigg
228 Glass knife maker James Pressly
228 Ovens/pumps  (oil changes) James Pressly
230 Balances Ted Trigg
230 Kiln Philip Griffin
230 Sonicators Ted Trigg
230 Karl Fischer Titrator Ted Trigg
230 Nanoparticle Enclosure Ted Trigg
231 Computers and Server Ted Trigg
  Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer Ted Trigg

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