Postdoctoral Researchers

Philip Griffin

Philip Griffin
Morphology of pentablock copolymers and nanoparticle diffusion in polymer nanocomposites.






Graduate Students

Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey, doctoral student since 9/2015
Polymer dynamics in polymer nanocomposites.






L. Robert Middleton

L. Robert Middleton, doctoral student since 9/2011
Morphology - mechanical property relationships in precise

polyethylene-based copolymers.





James Pressly

James Pressly, doctoral student since 9/2014
Dynamics and morphology of nanoconfined polymer melts. 




Ted Trigg

Edward "Ted" Trigg, doctoral student since 8/2013
Investigating the morphology and conductivity of precise polyethylene-based copolymers.





Lu Yan

Lu Yan, doctoral student since 9/2015
Synthesis of polyethylene-based precise copolymer.






Undergraduate Students

Noah GellerNoah Geller

Morphology of cyclopropenium-based polymerized ionic liquids.






Demi MoedDemi Moed

Morphology of precise polyethylene-based copolymers.







Eric Schwartz


Eric Schwartz

Mechanical properties of precise polyethylene-based copolymers.




Gracie SalmonUndergraduate Senior Design Group
Left to Right: Gracie Salmon, Sonya Kripke, Jason Woo

Investigating surface coatings and surface texturing to design a water collection and filtration device for use in natural disaster relief.