Current Group

Back row (L to R): James Pressly, Jinseok Park, Junwei Xiang, Miko Stulajter

Middle row (L to R): Ben Paren, Kaitlin Wang, Tia Denby, Zach Whitlock

Front row: Dr. Karen Winey

Post-Doctoral Researchers

James Pressly
Creep attenuation in polymer nanocomposites
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Graduate Students

Eric J. Bailey
Experiments and simulations of dynamics in polymer nanocomposites     Learn more

Tianren Zhang
Polymer physics
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Junwei Xiang
Polymer nanocomposites
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Miko Stulajter
Simulations of ion-containing polymers
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Benjamin Paren
Morphology and conductivity of ion-containing copolymers
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Jinseok Park
Polymer nanocomposites
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Kaitlin Wang
Polymer nanocomposites
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Undergraduate Students

Arjun Kanthawar
Proton conductivity in polymer membranes    Learn more


Tia Denby
Polymer nanocomposites    Learn more