Francisco Buitrago

Post doc Jan. 2018- May 2019

Department: Materials Science & Engineering


Hometown: Armenia, Colombia

Previous education:
BS in Chemical Engineering, SUNY Buffalo, 2008
MS in Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2010
PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2013 (Advisor: Karen I. Winey)

Francisco fabricates nanocomposites with various concentrations of surface-modified nanoparticles. Some of the methods of structure characterization include X-ray scattering and electron microscopy (SEM and TEM). The fully characterized materials are subjected to mechanical testing such as DMA, melt rheology and static tension/compression to obtain a systematic understanding of the relationship between nanocomposite structure and long-term mechanical properties.

Outside of work Francisco likes to read fiction and non-fiction, play tennis and soccer, and travel to visit family and friends.

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