Miko Stulajter

Doctoral student since Fall 2019

Department: Materials Science & Engineering

Contact: mikostul@seas.upenn.edu

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Previous education:
BS in Computer Science & Mathematics, DePaul University, 2018
BS in Physics, DePaul University, 2018

Miko’s research focuses on understanding ion containing polymers through simulations. This includes atomistic and coarse grain simulations to understand the structure and dynamics of ion containing polymers. Miko is co-advised with Amalie Frischknecht at Sandia National Lab, who is an expert in molecular simulation and theory of soft matter. Miko is proficient in several programming languages including MatLab, Java, Python, and C/C++.

Outside of work, Miko enjoys going on walks while exploring the city, watching shows on Netflix and YouTube, and reading science fiction books.

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