Karen I. Winey Group

We are always seeking creative and dedicated engineers and scientists!  More information here. We are currently seeking postdoctoral scientists.

The Winey Lab at the University of Pennsylvania employs a variety of experimental and computational tools to probe the structural and physical properties of advanced polymers.  We are studying and designing functional polymers to improve ion and proton conductivity targeting a variety of energy applications.  In polymer nanocomposites our current interests focus on nanoparticle dynamics across a range of time and length scales.  Our newest project focuses on polymer-to-polymer upcycling to convert waste polyolefins to higher value polymers.

Recent Publications

Ordered nanostructures in thin films of precise ion-containing multiblock copolymers.
Jinseok Park, A. Staiger, S. Mecking, K. I. Winey*, ACS Central Science, 8, 388–393, 2022.

Decoupled Cation Transport within Layered Assemblies in Sulfonated and Crystalline Telechelic Polyethylenes. B. A. Paren, M. Häußler, P. Rathenow, S. Mecking, K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules55, 2813–2820, 2022.

Melt Polycondensation of Carboxytelechelic Polyethylene for the Design of Degradable Segmented Copolyester Polyolefins. A. S. Arrington, J. R. Brown, M. S. Win, K. I. Winey, T. E. Long*, Polymer Chemistry13, 3116–3125, 2022.

Li-ion transport in a single-ion conducting polymer blend electrolyte. B. A. Paren, N. Nguyen, V. Balance, D. T. Hallinan, J. G. Kennemur, K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules55, 4692-4702, 2022.

Enhanced Li-ion transport through selectively solvated ionic layers of single-ion conducting multiblock copolymers. Jinseok Park, A. Staiger, S. Mecking, K. I. Winey*, ACS Macro Letters, ACS Macro Letters, 11, 1008-1013, 2022.

Double gyroid morphologies in precise ion-containing multiblock copolymers synthesized via step-growth polymerization. Jinseok Park, K. I. Winey*, JACS Au, published on line.

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