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The Winey Lab at the University of Pennsylvania employs a variety of experimental and computational tools to probe the structural and physical properties of advanced polymers.  We are studying and designing functional polymers to improve ion and proton conductivity targeting a variety of energy applications.  In polymer nanocomposites our current interests focus on nanoparticle dynamics across a range of time and length scales.  Our newest project focuses on polymer-to-polymer upcycling to convert waste polyolefins to higher value polymers.

Recent Publications

Hydrocarboxylation of C═C Bonds in Polycyclooctene: Progress Toward Valorization of Waste Polyolefins

I. M. Ogbu, Eli J. Fastow, W. Zhu, L. A. Wells, R. J. Chethalen, Vivek Nair, Z. R. Hinton, A. H. Balzer, W. Hu, E. Bryan Coughlin, Karen I. Winey*, and Marisa C. Kozlowski*, Macromolecules, 2024.

Thiol-ene click chemistry incorporates carboxylic acid-terminated alkane pendants on polycyclooctene to tune properties

Eli Fastow, Roshni John Chethalen, E. Bryan Coughlin, and Karen I. Winey*, Giant, 17, 100231, 2024.

Determination of film thicknesses of metal oxides prepared by atomic layer deposition on SBA-15

Ching-Ty Wang, Ben T. Ferko, Kai Shen, Karen I. Winey, John M. Vohs, and Raymond J. Gorte*, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 366,112945, 2024.

Morphology–Diffusivity Relationships in Fluorine-Free Random Terpolymers for Proton-Exchange Membranes Max S. Win, K. I. Winey* and Amalie L. Frischknecht*, Macromolecules, 56, 9905-9913, 2023.

pH-Mediated Size-Selective Adsorption of Gold Nanoparticles on Diblock Copolymer Brushes Ye Chan Kim, Russell J. Composto*, and K. I. Winey*, ACS Nano, 17, 9224-9234, 2023.

ToF-SIMS Depth Profiling to Measure Nanoparticle and Polymer Diffusion in Polymer Melts Kaitlin Wang, Russell J. Composto, and K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules, 56, 2277-2285, 2023.

Thiol–ene Click Chemistry Incorporates Hydroxyl Functionality on Polycyclooctene to Tune Properties Roshni John Chethalen, Eli J. Fastow, E. Bryan Coughlin*, and Karen I. Winey*, ACS Macro Letters, 12, 107-112, 2023.

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