July 2022

7/22/2022 – Postdoctoral Research Position Opening: See link below for details

Postdoctoral Research Associate opening in Molecular Dynamics Simulations

August 2021

8/4/2021 – Two Postdoctoral Research positions AVAILABLE NOW: See links below for details

Nanoparticle Dynamics in Polyelectrolyte Brushes

Polymer Upcycling

8/2/2021 – We launched a new CBET project with postdoctoral positions!

Nanoparticle Interactions and Nanoscale Transport in Polyelectrolyte Brushes
Karen I. Winey & Russell J. Composto
Start Date:  August 1, 2021
Description:  Nanoparticles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, chemistries, and functionalities, including folded proteins, viruses, and quantum dots. This grant will research the motion of individual nanoparticles in complex environments. Most previous studies of nanoparticle motion have been limited to studies of ensembles of particles or particles in homogeneous environments, and these studies provide a valuable foundation upon which to build. Recent advances in imaging methods and data processing methods enable the study of nanoparticles in heterogeneous environments one particle at a time. A new imaging method provides improved spatial and temporal resolution that detects biomolecules at interface and PIs will apply this advanced imaging method to the study of nanoparticle motion at interfaces, particularly interfaces with various functionalities. These studies and fundamental understanding will inform advanced strategies for separating natural or synthetic nanoparticles based on size, shape, or charge. Winey and Composto will co-advise one doctoral student and one postdoctoral researcher on this project.

See here if interested in a postdoctoral position: 

July 2021

7/20/2021 – Check out our new article in The Journal of Chemical Physics!

Emily Lin, co-advised by Rob Riggleman of Penn’s CBE department, published a cDFT and MD study on Effect of Surface properties and polymer chain length on polymer adsorption in solution. Congratulations!

June 2021

6/2/21 – Follow us on twitter @WineyLab! 

May 2021

5/6/2021 – Congratulations to Dr. Ben Paren for successfully defending his thesis!

Ben’s thesis was “Interconnected Aggregates in Precise Single-Ion Conducting Polymers as Pathways for Ion and Proton Transport” and he will be starting a postdoc position at MIT in July! 

April 2021

4/30/2021 – Check out our new article in Macromolecules.

Structure-Property Relationships in Single-Ion Conducting Multiblock Copolymers: A Phase Diagram and Ionic Conductivities

Jinseok Park, Anne Staiger, Stefan Mecking, Karen I Winey; Macromolecules 2021 54 (9), 4269-4279

November 2020

11/15/2020-Check out our new article  in Macromolecules.

“Percolated Ionic Aggregate Morphologies and Decoupled Ion Transport in Precise Sulfonated Polymers Synthesized by Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization”
B. A. Paren, B. A. Thurston, W. J. Neary, A. Kendrick, J. G. Kennemur, M. J. Stevens, A. L. Frischknecht*, K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules53, 8960-8973, 2020.

September 2020

9/1/2020-Welcome to the group 4 new members, Dr. Holden Lai (postdoc), Valerie Ballance (PhD student), Eli Fastow (PhD student), and Son Hoang (undergraduate)! 

Holden is co-advised by Dr. Chinedum Osuji, and is conducting research on liquid crystals. He completed his PhD in Chemistry at Stanford University. Valerie is working with ion-containing polymers, and graduated with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Rutgers University. Eli researches polymer upcycling, and completed his BS in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park. Son is researching ion-containing polymers, and is double majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and Physics

July 2020

7/20/2020-Dr. Winey has received the Herman F. Mark Senior Scholar Award from ACS and the Braskem Award for Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering from AlChe. 

Both of these awards are in recognition for Dr. Winey’s work on polymer science. Read more about them here

May 2020

5/15/2020-Check out our new article  in Macromolecules.

“Single-Particle Tracking of Nonsticky and Stick Nanoparticles in Polymer Melts”
J. Park, E. J. Bailey, R. J. Composto, K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules, 53,  3933-3939, 2020. 

April 2020

4/20/2020-Check out our recent review published in Progress in Polymer Science.

“Dynamics of Polymer Segments, Polymer Chains, and Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanocomposite Melts: A Review”
E. J. Bailey, K. I. Winey*, Progress in Polymer Science, 10124, 2020.

4/3/2020-Congratulations to Dr. Eric Bailey for successfully defending his thesis.

Eric’s thesis was titled “Multiscale Polymer and Nanoparticle Dynamics in Polymer Nanocomposites, ” and he will begin studies this Fall at DuPont later this year.

December 2019

12/10/2019-Take a look at our recent publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

“Gyroid and Other Ordered Morphologies in Single-Ion Conducting Polymers and Their Impact on Ion Conductivity”

L. Yan, C. Rank, S. Mecking*, K. I. Winey*, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019.

October 2019

10/17/19-PhD student Ben Paren contributed to this recent report from the Kleinmain Center for Energy Policy.

The report is titled “Preparing PGW for a Low-Carbon Future,” and explores options that Philadelphia Gas Works can take to prepare for a carbon neutral society.

10/13/2019-Professor Winey co-chaired a DOE Roundtable in April 2019 that produced this document  about Polymer Upcycling.

10/07/2019-Professor Winey and others are featured in this recent publication and video from the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy.

August 2019

8/27/2019-Congratulation to James and Dr. Winey for landing on the cover of Macromolecules.

The article that is the focus of the cover is titled “Increased Polymer Diffusivity in Thin-Film Confinement.”

8/22/2019-Check out the new collection of papers in MSDE on Charge Transporting Nanostructured Polymers for Electrochemical Systems.

This collection, put together by Dr. Shrayesh Patel of the University of Chicago and Dr. Nitash Balsara of UC Berkely, is free to access until September 30, and includes a contribution from Dr. Karen Winey.


8/14/2019-PhD candidate Ben Paren, and visiting Master’s student Laura Issartel (Grenoble, France) were featured in a PennToday article.

The article, titled “Training the next generation of globally minded researchers,” focuses on the REACT program, through which Ben is a graduate fellow. As a part of REACT, students have the opportunity to spend a summer doing research in Grenoble, France, as well as mentor French students back home at Penn.

July 2019

7/16/2019-Congratulations to Dr. Lu Yan for successfully defending her thesis.

Lu’s thesis was titled “Alternating Multiblock Polyethylenes with Assocaiting Groups: Self-assembled Nanoscale Morphologies and Ion Transport,” and she will begin studies this Fall at the Fordham University School of Law.

June 2019

6/28/2019-Congratulations to Dr. James Pressly for successfully defending his thesis

James’s thesis was titled “A Computational and Experimental Study of Polymer Conformation and Diffusion under Confinement,” and he will be continuing with the Winey group as a post doctoral researcher, focusing on polymer nanocomposites.

6/3/2019-Welcome to PhD student Wei Xiang, who has just joined the Winey Group

Wei is joining the group to study nanoparticle diffusion in polymer nanocomposites.

May 2019

5/20/2019-Congratulations to undergraduate Nicholas Han for graduating from Penn MSE!

Nicholas has been a dedicated member of the Winey Group for 3 years, doing research as well as Senior Design. This fall, Nicholas will be pursuing his PhD in materials science and engineering at UC Santa Barbara. Good luck Nicholas!

5/10/2019-Congratulations to Dr. Francisco Buitrago for accepting a position at Arkema

Francisco has just completed his Post Doc in the Winey group and will be starting in a research position next week at Arkema, in Pennsylvania. Good luck Francisco!

April 2019

4/10/2019-Welcome to Thomas Clement, visiting PhD Student from UGA (Université Grenoble Alpes), France

Thomas will be working with the Winey group for 10 weeks. His research focus is on synthesis and characterization of block copolymers for energy storage. During his stay at Penn, Thomas will be characterizing thermal and structural properties of the ion-conducting polymer systems he has synthesized, using differential scanning calorimetry, and the DEXS Facility.

March 2019

3/16/2019-Take a look at our recent publication in Macromolecules

“Multiscale Dynamics of Small, Attractive Nanoparticles and Entangled Polymers in Polymer Nanocomposites” E. J. Bailey, P. J. Griffin, R. J. Composto, K. I. Winey, Macromolecules52, 2181-2188, 2019.

3/11/2019-Deep in scholarly discussions APS March Meeting

The Winey group presented  posters and gave oral presentations on their research at the APS 2019 March Meeting in Boston last week. Great scientific discussions were also had, as pictured with Dr. Winey, PhD Student Eric Bailey, and Dr. Sanat Kumar of Columbia University.

January 2019

1/15/2019-Yesterday the Winey group participated in the REACT@Penn Symposium

This annual symposium included a poster session by current fellows, and both domestic and international speakers discussing topics ranging from science to policy.

1/11/2019-Dr. Winey visited Prof. Stefan Mecking at the University of Konstanz

This visit involved meeting with Prof. Mecking as well as his graduate students (pictured right) to plan the next stage of their collaboration with the Winey group.

November 2018

11/20/2018-Dr. Winey gave the “Distinguished Lecture” at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

The lecture was titled “Precise Polyethylenes that control Nanoscale Morphologies & Properties,” and Dr. Winey (right) is pictured with department chair, Dr. Lisa Axe (left).

August 2018

08/14/2018- Congratulations to recent Winey Group alumnus, Ted Trigg, on his new NRC Post Doc position

Ted will be working in the Materials & Manufacturing Directorate, at the Air Force Research Laboratory, with the advisor Hilmar Koerner. Ted’s research proposal title is “Structure-processing-property relationships in main chain liquid crystalline thermosets: Enabling the additive manufacture of high operatuing temperature, high performance resins.”

08/09/2018- Congratulations Lauren Hoang on receiving an Honorable Mention in the Littlejohn Undergraduate Research Program!

Lauren, a rising Junior in MSE who has been a member of the Winey Group since Fall 2017, presented her work on a project titled “Introduction of Ethylene Carbonate to Nearly-Precise Carboxylate Ionomers to Optimize Ion Transport.”


July 2018

07/22/2018- The new Xenocs Xeuss 2.0 is up and running at the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter!

This combined SAXS/WAXS system comes with a number features for cutting edge X-ray scattering to be completed by a variety of users and departments. Learn more about the instrument on the Xenocs website.

May 2018

05/31/2018-Take a look at our recent publication in Nature Materials

“Self-assembled highly ordered acid layers in precisely sulfonated polyethylene produce efficient proton transport” 
E. B. Trigg, T. W. Gaines, M. Marechal, D. E. Moed, P. Rannou, K. B. Wagener, M. J. Stevens, K. I. Winey*, Nature Materials, 2018.

February 2018

02/10/2018- Last week the Winey and Composto labs teamed up to teach local students about polymers at Philly Materials Day.

The material focused on shape-memory polymers, and included several demonstrations.

January 2018

01/20/2018-Take a look at our recent publications in Polymer and Macromolecules

“Solution-grown crystals of precise acid- and ion-containing polyethylenes” L. Yan, K. C. Bustillo, O. Panova, A. M. Minor, K. I. Winey*, Polymer, 135, 111-119, 2018.

“Transverse Orientation of Acid Layers in the Crystallites of a Precise Polymer” E. B. Trigg, L. R. Middleton, D. E. Moed,  K. I. Winey*, Macromolecules, 50, 8988-8995, 2017.

01/10/2018-Congratulation to Dr. Ted Trigg for successfully defending his thesis last month. We will miss you here at Penn, but good luck with your post doctoral research at Ohio State University!

Ted’s thesis was titled “Controlled Chain Folding in Precise Polyethylenes: Designing Lamellar Structures for Ion Transport”


November 2017


11/7/2017-Check out Dr. Winey’s perspective in Science

“Designing tougher elastomers with ionomers” K. I. Winey*, Science358, 449-450, 2017.



October 2017

10/22/2017- On October 12 and 13, Dr. Winey and the MSE Department hosted Grace Hopper Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Amalie Frischknecht of Sandia National Labs.

Dr. Frischknecht gave a seminar titled “Pattern Formation and Particle Assembly with Mixed Polymer Brushes.” She also met with faculty and students throughout the department during her visit. Dr. Frischknecht is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies at Sandia National Laboratories. To learn more about the Grace Hopper Lecture series in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, click here.

10/09/2017- Last week we teamed up with the Composto Lab to teach local high school students about polymers during Nanoday@Penn

Some of our Ph.D. students and undergraduates held demonstrations to teach students about polymer chemistry, as well as shape memory polymers.

September 2017

09/24/2017- Great job Ph.D. Candidate James Pressly for presenting at the CBE Graduate Student Symposium last week!

“Polymer Behavior Under Rigid Symmetric Confinement”  click to see poster

09/05/2017- Ph.D. Candidate Ted Trigg will be giving the Penn MSE department seminar this week!

“Controlled Chain Folding in Precise Polyethylenes”

Ted Trigg
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
Thursday, September 07, 2017
10:45 to 11:45am
LRSM Auditorium

August 2017

08/28/2017-Welcome New Students!

Welcome back to all of the returning students, and all of the new students to start the semester off at Penn!

08/21/2017-Check out our newest publication in ACS Macro Letters

High morphological order in a nearly precise acid-containing polymer and ionomer” E. B. Trigg, B. J. Tiegs, G. W. Coates, K. I. Winey,* ACS Macro Letters, 6, 947-951, 2017.

08/03/2017-Congratulations to Nicholas Han for presenting his summer research at the Rachleff Symposium!

Nicholas is a Junior studying Materials Science & Engineering here at Penn, and has been a part of the Winey Group since the summer of 2016. His research this past summer focused on materials characterization using broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS).